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Celebrating 15 great years! Meet the new team!

This October, Eastside Guitar Repair celebrates 15 years as an independent brick-and-mortar shop, following an additional 7 years in business. I'm deeply humbled by the loyalty of our clientele and am proud of the legacy of excellence, integrity and support I've offered to musicians over these many years.

I've recently reshaped and expanded the shop's staffing to match the community's high demand for services, and am thrilled to introduce you to the new team. We remain dedicated to providing you with the highest quality repair experience possible, and look forward to celebrating this milestone together. Stay tuned throughout the year for Anniversary news and special offers.

THANK YOU for your continued business. Caring for and improving the quality of your instruments is my life's calling, and it is only with your support that ESGR is possible. If you haven't been by in a while, we hope you'll stop by soon and get reacquainted with the shop in this new iteration!

With gratitude,


Owner and Luthier

Eastside Guitar Repair


Meet our newest guitar technicians

Born in California, raised in Chicago, transformed by Oakland and set alight by New Orleans, Jessie Antonick’s heart and hands are continually consumed by her passion for music. With a relevant and diverse work history that includes custom woodworking, sailmaking, printmaking, visual art, and an apprenticeship at Lincoln Guitars, Jessie brings a uniquely sensitive and exacting touch to the instruments she works with. Her solo music project, Pony Hunt offers a “haunted majesty that.. Is enough to keep your mind in wonderment for weeks on end.” (American Songwriter - “top 5 acts to Know” 2020) Having joined ESGR in December 2022, Jessie reflects the company's value for precision while approaching customers with warmth and curiosity.

Having grown up steeped in music ranging from jazz and R&B to classic rock, metal and punk, Jacob Price developed an early fascination with guitars and luthiery during his teenage years, experimenting on cheap instruments in his free time. Like Ryan, he received his formal guitar repair training at the famed Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, graduating in 2022 and going on to work in a customer-focused repair shop in his hometown. A whiz at set-ups, Jacob is also skilled in crack repair, fretwork, and wiring. With relevant experience in audio engineering, including recording, mixing and production, Jacob has a fine ear and a penchant for detail. The newest addition to the ESGR team, Jacob's additional experience includes positions at Gabriel’s Guitars and The Luthier's Bench.

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