Here is a list of some our services to help guide you.


Eastside Guitar Repair can setup your instrument to meet your playing style. Each setup includes 3 adjustments for up to 3 months after you pick up your instrument.


Acoustic setup $75

Restring, adjust truss rod, action, tighten hardware, clean and oil fingerboard, polish guitar and frets, replace battery.

Electric or bass basic setup $75

Restring, adjust truss rod, neck angle, action, intonation, balance tremolo, adjust pickups.


Electric or bass deluxe setup $100

Basic setup + minor fret work, tighten hardware, clean and oil fingerboard, polish guitar and frets, replace battery.


Floating Tremolo + $25


Fretwork can make all of the difference in how your instrument plays and feels. Eastside can level and recrown your existing frets or refret your instrument if needed. You can choose your prefered size and type of fret wire.


Fret level $125

Level, crown and polish.


Refret (includes setup) $450 +

Remove existing frets, re-plane and dress fingerboard, press and glue in new frets, dress ends, level, crown and polish.

Nuts & Saddles

We hand-make every nut and saddle in the shop with the material of your choice.


Nut or saddle $75 +

Wiring, Electronics & Pickup Installation

Need a new input jack, potentiometer or a rewire? We have you covered. We can do simple jobs to complex customizations to suit your needs. Need a custom pickup or a busted pickup rewound? We make, rewind and wax pickups as well.

$90/ Hour

Structural Repairs

Neck resets, broken headstocks, cracked tops, loose braces, punctures- you name it- we have had it on our bench. 


$90/ Hour


Eastside Guitar Repair uses one of the best finish techs on West Coast. We can make that broken headstock look like it never happened. Our finish tech is a master at color matching and touch-ups.


$ Quote

Other work

Shop rate $90/ Hour


Bench fee $30


Detailed Written Appraisal $90

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Eastside Guitar Repair offers repair and modifications to just about any fretted instrument. Quotes and estimates are difficult to give over the phone. Stop in and we will evaluate your instrument and give you an estimate. All prices listed on the website are for guides only and are subject to change based on a final evaluation of the instrument. Turnaround on most repairs is about two weeks. We are a small shop and we may be out running an errand, so please call ahead before stopping in.

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