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A client of Eastside Guitar Repair had a ton of gear stolen on 6/19/2022. Please keep an eye out.

List of stolen gear

Portland, Oregon Police Case # 22-164873 Contact Officer Le (503)964-2557 Stolen from Storage Unit in SE Portland on June 19th/20th.

Guitars & Basses (15)

Gibson RD Silverburst 07 Reissue w/Gibson HS Case. Modified w/ Bigsby Tremelo & Dimarzio PAF's

Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe 2 Silverburst 2013 w/ SKB HS Case. Serial# 123131566. Modified w/Lace Dragonaut B & Dimarzio PAF N

Gibson RD Bass 2017 Reissue w/Gibson HS Case.

Fender Hendrix Stratocaster Olympic White w/SKB hardshell case. Serial# MX20060333. Modified with 2 Dimarzio Heavy Blues in positions 1 & 3.

Ibanez PS120 Iceman Black w/Ibanez HS Case. Modified w/ Lace Dragonauts.

Epiphone Brent Hinds Flying V Silverburst w/SKB hardshell case. Serial# 16092302609. Unmodified.

Epiphone Richie Faulkner Flying V w/Soft Case. Serial #18122301474. Modified with custom blue/black pearloid pickguard & Lace Dirty Heshers

Epiphone Johnny A Custom Sunset Glow w/Epiphone Hardshell Case. Serial# 19091506277. Note that the Bigsby is unattached.

Vintage Brand SG Pelham Blue in a Gibson Soft Case. Serial# M201903379. Modified w/ Dimarzio PAF's.

Guild S-200 T Bird Black in Soft Case. Serial# KWM1600793. Unmodified. Guild Starfire Bass Black w/Hardshell Case. Gretsch Flatop Accoustic Electric Black w/Hardshell Case. Fernandes Bass Black w/Pearloid PG w/Hardshell Case.

Ibanez FRM150 w/finish and hardware removed in Hardshell Case.

Ibanez AG-75 Semi-Hollowbody Black Aged w/Hardshell Case. *All of my guitars & basses have been modified with Loxx strap lock systems.

Laney AOR100 with a blown fuse Marshall Mode IV with a rusty faceplate and missing nob


Peavey 412MS 4 x 12 Straight Unmodified (missing nameplate) Peavey 412MS 4 x 12 Angled Unmodified (missing nameplate)


Pedaltrain Classic Pro TC 32x16 Gray Hard Case (full of pedals) Pedaltrain Classic JR TC 18x12.5 Black Soft Case (full of pedals) Fender Troy Van L Jazzmaster Hardshell Case Mint

Beetronics Royal Jelly Black/Orange Blackstone Overdrive Black Arts Toneworks Horns Black Hawk Ragnarok Deluxe Preamp Black Hawk Valhalla Fuzz Deluxe

Hand Wired Black Hawk Black #1 Doom/Drone Machine

Death By Audio Rooms Reverb

Death By Audio Evil Filter Earthquaker Devices Earth Pedal V.1 Black/Silver Effectrode Tube Drive TD-2A (missing tubes & gray backplate) Erica Synths Zen Delay Fanta Studio Sunn Beta Premap Bass Laney TI Boost Midnight Amplification Sonic Violence Midnight Amplification Holy Mountain (Inoperable) Morley VAI-2 Bad Horsie 2 New Gurus Echosex 3 Delay

Ezhi & Aka Polarized Tapestop Peterson Strobe Tuner Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz Boss TU-3 Tuner

Shin Ei Vibe Purple Spaceman Orion Spring Reverb Soma Electronics Lyra 8 w/clear cover

Akai MPK Mini 25 M Audio 25 Key Controller M Audio 49 Key Controller


DBX 165 A Over Easy Compressor in Excellent Condition

ART Dual Power Meter


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